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BeSNC: Shaping a Culture of Excellence at «Ƶ

At «Ƶ, we proudly uphold a set of core values that are central to our educational culture. These values, collectively known as BeSNC, serve as the guiding principles that define our institution and the character of our learning community.

Be SNC Logo

What is BeSNC?

BeSNC embodies a commitment to fostering an environment that celebrates the following values.


  • Respectful and Considerate
  • Positive and Proactive
  • Empathetic and Tolerant
  • Enthusiastic and Engaged
  • Empowered to succeed
  • Dedicated and Motivated
  • Professional and Trustworthy
  • Aspirational and Ambitious
  • Persistent and Resilient
  • Passionate and Creative
  • Responsible and Committed
  • Fair and Inclusive
  • Inquisitive and Curious

These values guide us in creating a dynamic and inclusive learning environment, where students are empowered to excel, dream big, and make a positive impact on the world.

Welcome to the heart of BeSNC, where your journey begins!