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Students' Union

The Students’ Union plays an important part in representing your interests with College staff including Senior Managers. It also helps provide a wide range of services and activities on campus, including Rag Week and Freshers’ Week! The Students’ Union also negotiates special discounts with local shops and traders.

A photo of the atrium space at the Ipswich campus

What are our main aims?

  • Set up and run student clubs, societies, sports, social and cultural activities
  • Help improve student education
  • Represent student interests
  • Promote and protect the welfare of our members
  • Provide services to meet student needs
  • Promote and celebrate equality and diversity

These aims and objectives shall be practised without discrimination based on age, disability, sex, ethnicity, sexual orientation, religion, medical condition or gender status.

The more involvement you and other students have with us the better. You may want to set up a lunchtime club or suggest ways to improve the College, whatever ideas you may have we want to hear about them, especially if they are pretty unusual/crazy and you know it is something other students would like.

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Sports & Activities

While at college, it is essential to factor in time for fun and socialising. At the sports centre, we are committed to providing you with a number of different ways to stay active. We have an exciting and engaging sports and activities programme, which offers a variety of both casual and competitive sports and physical activity opportunities to all students and staff.

Joining a sports team or taking part in a physical activity session can be a great way to get fit, have fun and meet new people outside of your course. We provide students with the opportunity to keep fit and healthy as well as socialise with peers, by providing them daily access to the sports hall, 2 multi-purpose rooms, and the outdoor football pitches (9:00 – 17:00).

Whilst studying at the college, you will have the opportunity to join a sports team, including football and basketball, where we compete in AOC sports leagues. Throughout the course of the year, there are also various competitive AOC tournaments that students will have the chance to compete in. These tournaments cover a range of sports including golf, table tennis, cross country, futsal, and more. If you would like to join one of our sports teams or compete in an AOC tournament, all you have to do is pop down to the sports centre and speak to a member of staff, where we can get you signed up.

£5 Sports Card Membership Scheme

At the sports centre, we run a £5 sports card membership scheme. The emphasis of the scheme is to try and get as many students to pop down to the sports centre in their spare time and keep active, partaking in many different sports that we offer to students. These sports include football on the outdoor pitches, basketball in the sports hall, table tennis in the upstairs multi-purpose rooms, and many more. The £5 sports card entitles you to access the aforementioned areas throughout the whole academic year.

You can get a sports card by paying the full £5 on your first visit to the centre, or by topping up £1 instalments on your first 5 visits.

It is always best to check the availability of the sports hall before you turn up for a casual session, as we do have several academic classes that run every day, which take priority.

A closeup photo of a basketball net in the «Ƶ sports centre.

UOS Students Union

The students union at the University of «Ƶ run several different sessions at the «Ƶ Sports Centre every week, which college students are more than welcome to join. These sessions are a great way to keep fit whilst interacting and meeting new people to boost your confidence. All sessions are available at just £1 for students and £3 for the general public.

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