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Career Information, Advice & Guidance

With so many options and so much information, the process of choosing your next move can be more than a little confusing.

Use our careers explorer below to find out what opportunities are available for you.

Careers Lead: Kayleigh Norris

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Making decisions about your future can be daunting.

Perhaps you’d like to study a vocational course at college? Maybe you’d like to find out more about going on to university? You might be keen to earn while you learn and start an apprenticeship? Or perhaps you want more information on local career opportunities.

Whichever route appeals to you, you must do your research first. By spending some time finding out more, you can help ensure you make a choice that’s right for you. To help you on your way, we have provided below a list of useful career pathways which cover a range of educational routes

«Ƶ’s CEIAG (careers education, information, advice and guidance) programme is based upon the.

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The Learner Journey

Supporting learners to gain Information, Advice and guidance (IAG) and support with future aspirations. This document provides Information on the learner journey, how learners are referred for IAG support and the Learner Journey Visual.

The learner Journey outlines the Information Advice and guidance (IAG) support that learners have here at the college to support them with future aspirations.

Before a learner is referred for an IAG meeting (targeted support), the learner will have access to the universal support available and progression support within the Steps to Success hour.

A meeting with an IAG assistant is for those learners who do not have a clear idea of their career path, next steps, or job searching or may want to change course.

It is important that all universal support is explored before being referred for an IAG meeting so learners have knowledge of all the support available to them to make informed decisions about their future careers.

IAG Referral Process

Step One

Learners will access information linking to their chosen careers through the universal support available and Steps to Success Progression support.

Step Two

If the learner is still unsure about their chosen career & next steps, a referral is made by the linked tutor or Progress tutor on Promonitor. The referral is made by adding a comment, and the comment categories are:

  • Information, Advice & Guidance LRC
  • Job Search & CV Support LRC
  • UCAS support LRC

Step Three

The IAG team will receive the referral and then contact the learner.

Step Four

Learners will then have a 1-1 IAG meeting in the learning curve with a team member; the meeting can last up to an hour, and the IAG assistant will then decide with the learner whether more IAG support is needed. Follow-up comments will be added to the Promonitor referral by the IAG team to communicate the support offered.